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This version database contains Pupa Vlados Original Reggae Riddims Dot Com (+34 000 songs) and Robert Camphouse's Camphouse Riddim Index (+4000) songs:

Admiral BaileyBig Belly ManAgony1987King JammyJammys
Angel, AngieAgonyAgonyJammyJammy
Chaka DemusGimme Your LoveAgonyKenneth BlackSkengdon
Courtney MelodyBad boyAgonyRiley, W.Techniques
Courtney MelodyBad BoyAgonyTechniques
Derrick IrieSlide And WineAgonyKing Jammy
DominickMini Van DramaAgony1988King JammyJammys
Don AngeloComputer Seh SoAgony1987King TubbyKing Tubby's Music
Fire House CrewComputer In DubAgony1987King TubbyKing Tubby's Music
Horse Man DaddyFat Belly ManAgonyKing Jammy
Jahmaine LionHail To The King AnointedAgonyElon Robinson
Johnny OsbourneThis Old ManAgony1987King TubbyKing Tubby's Music
Johnny PMagnet And SteelAgonyElon Robinson
King KongDo Noh Get HighAgonyWayne Otty & Michael Otty
King KongDo Noh Get High (12 inch)AgonyWayne Otty & Michael Otty
Lady JunieSlim Belly ManAgony1987King TubbyKing Tubby's Music
Little JohnGal Yu Mud UpAgony1987King TubbyKing Tubby's Music
Little TwitchMake Us A LifeAgonyKing Jammy
Lt StitchieLearn Fe Read And SpellAgonyKing Jammy
Major WorriesMe no responseAgonyJammyJammy
Major WorriesMe No ResponseAgonyJammys
Major WorriesMi Nuh ResponseAgonyKing JammyJammys
Mikey WhiteSlim Belly ManAgonyJyasi Addae
PampidooSynthesizer VoiceAgonyKing Jammy
PampidooSynthesizer VoiceAgonyJammys
Pan BirdI Don't CareAgony1987King TubbyKing Tubby's Music
PhantomPick Yu CherryAgony1987King TubbyKing Tubby's Music
Phil DextonMore PeaceAgonyElon Robinson
PinchersAgonyAgonyoKing JammyJammys
Risto BenjieDon't Pirate ItAgony~1986King Jammy
SanchezDungle loverAgonyRiley, W.Techniques
SanchezPlease Return Your LoveAgonyWinston RileyTechniques
SanchezSad songAgonyRiley, W.Techniques
Sanchez & FlourgonDungle LoverAgonyWinston RileyTechniques
ScrewdriverPoor People LoveAgonyHugh 'Redman' JamesRedman
Shabba RanksMust Love Reggae (=Get Up And Move)AgonyKing JammyJammys
SimpletonStop Mock De DreadAgonyElon Robinson
Singing MelodyLove Inside Of YouAgony1987King TubbyKing Tubby's Music
Super BlackDem A SignAgony1987King TubbyKing Tubby's Music
Super CatTeach Them SomethingAgonyWayne Otty & Michael Otty
Super CatTeach Them SumuhAgonyOtteys
Terry GanzieOne Bright MorningAgonyElon Robinson
Thriller UTime After TimeAgony1987King TubbyKing Tubby's Music
Tonto IrieSlim Belly ManAgony1987Harold 'Papa Biggs' McLarty
Tulloch TThink Me Did GoneAgonyKing Jammy
[Dub][Slim Belly Man Version 1]Agony1987Harold 'Papa Biggs' McLarty
[Dub][Slim Belly Man Version 2]AgonyJyasi Addae
Courtney MelodyBad BoyAgony [2]Winston RileyTechniques
Red DragonAgonyAgony [2]Winston RileyTechniques
SanchezLoneliness [1]Agony [2]Winston RileyTechniques
[Dub Techniques]Bad Boy VersionAgony [2]Winston RileyTechniques
Admiral BaileyBig Belly ManPinchers - Agony1987Jammys
Major WorriesMe No ResponsePinchers - Agony1987Jammys
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